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Here's the story of how we found the 78 Nova! Heather & I were on a little two day getaway down to a place called Hunt's Point Cottages just outside Liverpool. Nightfall was upon us and we were up for a game of cards but had no cards! So off to Liverpool be head to pick up a deck of cards. Along the way we see this little gem for sale on the side of the road. I looked at Heather and said "Did you see that!!". Of course she replies "See what?". I did an immediate about turn and pulled up beside the Nova. Got out and proceeded to check her out. (Something this fine had to be a "her"). Basically this is what I found out about the car.

- It was all original everything except the rims and tires.
  (The owners had the rally sport rims & tires added on).
- They had owned it for 13 years (hadn't been driven since 2002).
- They had bought it from his aunt who had purchased the car brand new.
- It has never been winter driven.
- Oil was changed every 5,000 km.
- Engine is a 305.
- Automatic.
- 60 & 70 series tires with white lettering.
- Dual exhaust.

Here are a few pics

Front Left

Front Right

Front On

Back End



Left Inside

Right Inside

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